Data-driven Problem Solving for Engineers (without complicated statistics)

Training in Six Sigma, problem solving and process improvement



On-site training


Based on an assessment of the current state of the organization, I customize the scope of the training to meet the needs of your organization.


The biggest advantages of on-site training:

  • influence on the substantive scope of training and its final program
  • working on specific problems of the company
  • lower total cost in the case of delegating more employees
  • choice of date and place 
  • possibility of my support and consulting in improvement projects in the company's seat in order to maximize return on investment
  • integration of employees from different departments within the company

2 days

8 days

16 days

4 days

3 days

2 days

4 days

2 days

2 days

2 days


Solving complex problems with data and analytical (critical) thinking are two of the most important skills needed to function in the fourth industrial revolution.


What's more, beyond the work environment, data permeates every aspect of our lives - from media to medicine, agriculture to finance.


Data answers questions faster, provides the information you need, and allows you to make better decisions.


Each of the training offered by SIGMA Value teaches how to use data in order to more effectively solve problems and make better decisions.


The trainings are practical and tailored to the client's everyday challenges. They focus on the most practical tools and proven methods (core tools).


The SIGMA Value training offer includes individual, on-site trainings prepared especially for the client.




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