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What is the program?

What are the requirements?

  • Proven tools only
  • Use of "why - what - how" sequences throughout the course and each individual topic
  • Frequent use of examples and "case studies"
  • Lots of team exercises (~30% of class time)
  • Lots of repetition and integration of tools
  • Minimal use of PowerPoint presentations
  • Integration of software within each topic rather than teaching it separately
  • Discussion sessions with the trainer
  • Max. 15 participants
  • To collect good quality data, you need to be sure that your measurement systems are suitable and that you can trust them.

  • If the measurement system is suitable, then it will provide high-quality data necessary to understand the problem and take appropriate action. If not, you will be misled by noise or lack of accuracy.

  • Every measurement system works well in some applications and poorly in others.

  • In this training, you will learn when a particular measurement system is appropriate for your needs.

  • Understanding the nature of variability and its impact on the process
  • Understand the impact of the measurement system on process evaluation
  • Configuration, execution, analysis and interpretation of Gage R&R studies for continuous and attribute data
  • Learning about case studies
  • Learn detailed step-by-step instructions for performing MSA with Minitab

This course is designed for people with different functions in the organization - operational, quality, logistics, financial, production, engineering.

What are the benefits?

Who is MSA training for?

What is the MSA training model?

What are the characteristics of MSA training?

"Tomek is the best person to present Six Sigma-related concepts.


He does it in a very understandable way, and above all shows how to use it in practice "


Dominika Plucińska

Continuous Improvement Coordinator

Szkolenie analiza systemów pomiarowych


"100% professional.

Even the most complicated and intricate issues he is able to explain in a way that everyone can understand.

The Six Sigma training conducted by Tomek was one of the best I have attended. From me 10/10 :-)"


Adam Adamczak

Finance Operations Manager w PEPCO CEE, EMBA

Szkolenie MSA

"Tomek's subject matter knowledge and delivery of the class deserves the highest rating.

A definite advantage is a very broad experience in professional practice, a competent and friendly way of conveying