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Why SIGMA Value?


I have trained and advised for:

I guarantee to create analytically creative individuals who are equipped with all the skills (hard and soft) necessary to:

  • effective problem solving
  • making right business decisions
  • leading successful process improvement projects
  • and functioning in the 4th industrial revolution


As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with experience in manufacturing, services and R&D, I have been teaching, consulting and implementing projects for over 10 years and know what works and what doesn't.


My Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training sessions are rated an average of 5.9 out of 6, and testimonials can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

I improve processes and teach modern Six Sigma tools that make problem solving...

...practical and simple,

Szkolenie six Sigma Green Belt Black Belt
  • Problems that cannot be solved

  • Constantly solving the same problem

  • Repeated complaints from customers (external/internal)

  • Constantly discussing problems without using data and formal structure

  • Areas of poor performance

What is SIGMA Value?


What makes SIGMA Value different?

My trainings are practical and tailored to the client's everyday challenges. They focus on the most useful tools, which I teach through "activity-based learning", i.e. effective interaction between the trainer and the participants, where 30% of the training time is spent on practical exercises.


I teach "theory" only to the extent that it is needed by practitioners in their improvement projects, and I translate the necessary statistical concepts and calculations in a user-friendly manner.