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Why SIGMA Value?


I have trained and advised for:

I guarantee to create analytically creative individuals who are equipped with all the skills (hard and soft) necessary to:

  • effective problem solving
  • making right business decisions
  • leading successful process improvement projects
  • and functioning in the 4th industrial revolution


As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with experience in manufacturing, services and R&D, I have been teaching, consulting and implementing projects for over 10 years and know what works and what doesn't.


My Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training sessions are rated an average of 5.9 out of 6, and testimonials can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

I improve processes and teach modern Six Sigma tools that make problem solving...

...practical and simple,

Szkolenie six Sigma Green Belt Black Belt
  • Problems that cannot be solved

  • Constantly solving the same problem

  • Repeated complaints from customers (external/internal)

  • Constantly discussing problems without using data and formal structure

  • Areas of poor performance

What is SIGMA Value?


What makes SIGMA Value different?

My trainings are practical and tailored to the client's everyday challenges. They focus on the most useful tools, which I teach through "activity-based learning", i.e. effective interaction between the trainer and the participants, where 30% of the training time is spent on practical exercises.


I teach "theory" only to the extent that it is needed by practitioners in their improvement projects, and I translate the necessary statistical concepts and calculations in a user-friendly manner.

Sample recommendations (more on my profile LinkedIn):


... then SIGMA Value is the solution.

My name is Tomasz Leśniewicz and I run SIGMA Value - a boutique training and consulting practice whose mission is to provide knowledge on effective problem solving and quality improvement using data, Six Sigma tools and critical thinking.


I am also an advisor helping organizations to plan and implement projects aimed at improving products and services and reducing costs.

Market trends in Six Sigma

The biggest challenge facing the Six Sigma training community is the proliferation of unqualified and incompetent consultants and trainers without practical business experience.


Many of them teach tools without context that are ultimately not used. Moreover, they present very complex statistical concepts (mostly with factual errors), which are needed only in 1% of situations.


In contrast, SIGMA Value training focuses on creating value by providing everything the client needs to make problem solving more effective. Practical and simple. Action-oriented.

"Probably one of the best Master Black Belt Six Sigma trainers in Poland. Very effective trainings. Definitely world class. ...Great atmosphere! 10/10"



Sebastian Jastrzębski

Cloud Territory Manager at Oracle

Szkolenie 8D

"I attended the DoE training. Very great knowledge, especially practical. The training is focused on practice, great atmosphere. I did not sleep during the training for the first time. I highly recommend it."


Kamil Szulc

Assistant Process Manager w LG CHEM WROCŁAW ENERGY

Szkolenie Minitab
Szkolenie Six Sigma Green Belt

"Tomek is an excellent Six Sigma and Lean practitioner. He has extensive knowledge and experience in improving processes, using Six Sigma tools, managing complex projects in various business processes (production, logistics, services, IT, shared service, etc.). that he is the best trainer I have had the opportunity to work with. I recommend it! "


Łukasz Gwizdała

Projects and Lean Manufacturing Manager at Marmite S.A.

Szkolenie Six Sigma Black Belt

"I had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by Tom. I was very impressed with how he combines his vast theoretical knowledge with practical experience. He is able to explain even the most complicated statistical theories in a way that anyone can understand and apply them in their daily work. I can recommend Tom as the right person to help solve problems in any organization."


Szymon Niedzwiedz

PhD, EMBA, Operations Manager at European Manufacturing Center

Szkolenie  Six Sigma Green Belt

"Tomasz is a true expert in his field and training sessions with him are full of creativity and lots of valuable information. He is eager to share his experiences, support in problem solving and give valuable tips on how to solve key problems in the company with simple tools. The trainings conducted by Tomasz are the best I have ever taken part in. His competence, customized approach to many problems is a real inspiration."


Barbara Fildebrandt

Manager w Proservartner

Szkolenie Six Sigma Green Belt

"I had the opportunity to attend the Six Sigma training run by Tomek. This training was one of the best I have attended, with lots of examples based on a practical approach. He can even explain statistics in a simple way that everyone can understand."




Marcin Olejniczak

 Senior Director Production EMBA

Szkolenie FMEA

"I had a great opportunity to meet Tomek during the SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT course that he led. It was a really fantastic experience to see such a great passion combined with knowledge, statistical skills and an excellent approach to people. Tomek can easily explain complicated topics and show the impact of changes on. I highly recommend Tomek to help your company identify potential problems and implement changes in processes."


Michał Szymarek (EMBA)

Finance Business Partner w PEPCO CEE

Szkolenie Green Belt

"I participated in the training preparing for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification conducted by Tomek. As a trainer and Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Tomek showed full professionalism and incredible commitment to leading the group.

Tomek is an expert with great theoretical knowledge and very rich practical experience, which he actively shared with training participants. Tomek provides knowledge in a clear and understandable way, and approaches each participant individually, which builds freedom and comfort of work even during the most difficult tasks or complex problems. Having compared many training courses or studies in which I participated, I can confidently say that Tomek is an expert presenting the highest level of professionalism. I confidently recommend working with Tomek to all interested parties."


I teach practical and proven tools to solve problems using data (Lean Six Sigma) and develop critical thinking.

Artur Zalewski

Business consultancy

I don't teach statistics..., I teach how to solve problems!!!

If your organization is experiencing:


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