"I met Tomek as a trainer at a Six Sigma Black Belt training event.

Determined, consistent, determined and 100% dedicated to what he does. He has a great feel for the team.

He has a great understanding of business and its aspects such as: economic, quality, human aspects, among others.

I strongly recommend as a 'panacea' for difficult or 'unsolvable' problems in the company."


Sebastian Kryś

Executive MBA w Georgia State University

Szkolenie SPC
  • Introduction to critical thinking and the scientific method (PDSA)
  • Structured problem solving using basic tools (Ishikawa, 5Why, Pareto, Issue Tree, Affinity Diagram)
  • Operational definitions
  • Introduction to Variability
  • Basic statistics and graphical presentation of data
  • Process Mapping
  • I-MR Control Charts
  • Analysis of Measurement Systems (continuous and attribute data)


  • Components of Variation Study (Sampling Trees and rational sampling)
  • Statistical significance of sources of variation
  • Regression analysis
  • Methods of generating solutions
  • Introduction to FMEA
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Process capability
  • Control plans
  • Effective presentation of information


"Tomasz is a true expert in his field and training sessions with him are full of creativity and lots of valuable information. He is eager to share his experiences, support in problem-solving, and give valuable tips on how to solve key problems in the company with simple tools. The trainings conducted by Tomasz are the best I have ever taken part in. His competence, customized approach to many problems is a real inspiration."


Marek Sulik

MBA, Six Sigma, Executive Manager

Szkolenie SPC

"I had the pleasure to participate in Six Sigma Black Belt training conducted by Tomek.

I can confirm - the amount of knowledge and the manner of its transfer at the highest level.

Even such "magic" as statistics presented in a clear and understandable way for everyone.

I sincerely recommend Tomek as a trainer and project leader. 👍"



Maciej Dąbrowski

Lean Expert w Gerdes MC

Szkolenie SPC

Sample recommendations (more on my LinkedIn profile)


  • Proven tools only
  • Use of "why - what - how" sequences throughout the course and each individual topic
  • Frequent use of examples and "case studies"
  • Lots of team exercises (~30% of class time)
  • Lots of repetition and integration of tools
  • Minimal use of PowerPoint presentations
  • Integration of software within each topic rather than teaching it separately
  • Discussion sessions with the trainer
  • Max. 15 participants

No prerequisites.

What are the requirements?

Data-driven Problem Solving Training

Session 1  (2 days)

Session 2 (2 days)

What is the program?

What are the benefits?

Who is training for?

This course is designed for people with different functions in the organization - operational, quality, logistics, financial, production, engineering.